Photocase, Stöbern

Photocase #2 – one night in turkiye

Photocase #2 - 67451
Abmessung  2560 x 1920px  
Belichtung  1/5  
Blende  2.8  
Brennweite  6.8 mm  
ISO-Wert   50  
Kameramodel  EX-Z57  

one night in turkiye

#2, Temple, Greece, Turkey, Night, Culture, Mythology, Dark, Ancient, Building, Night shot, Light, Cone of light, Dusk, Landmark, Monument, Historic, Yellow, Ornament, Near East, Middle East, Egypt, Giza, Cairo, Pyramids of Gizeh, Luxor, Karnak, Grave, Pharaohs, Tutenchamun, Statue of Ramses II, Hathshepsut temple, Theben, Nile, Impressive, Unforgettable, Vacation, Travel, Driving, To go for a walk, Derelict, House of worship, Column, Gate, Old, Blue, tryptichon, Evening, Shadow, greek antique, architecture, Colour, Lighting, Stone, Pyramid, Mykerinos, Valley of the Kings, king, valley, wonder of the world, Landscape, Desert, Trip, Destination, visit, Sightseeing, Conduct, Bright, Gold, Contrast, Loneliness, Legacy, Inspection