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Photocase #1194 – Leuchtturm auf Texel

Photocase #1194 - 3780863
Abmessung  5616 x 3744px  
Belichtung  1/25  
Blende  8.0  
Brennweite  89 mm  
ISO-Wert   400  
Kameramodel  Canon EOS 5D Mark II  
Objektivmodel  EF70-200mm f/4L IS USM  

Lighthouse on Texel

#1194, Lighthouse, Illuminate, Beacon, Beach, duene, Texel, Netherlands, North Sea, Ocean, Clouds, coast, Sky, Exterior shot, Colour photo, Landscape, Vacatio, Travel, Nature, Deserted, Sand, Island, Blue, Vantage point, Day, Relaxation, Gray, Autumn, Marram grass

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